@everyone, how can I expand my circle in Mastodon? I need people to follow which post interesting content and are open for interaction. Otherwise my feed is horribly empty.

Now using Whalebird for Mastodon. Can recommend :) I have to admit that I experience the default Mastodon interface as a mess ...

"The lesson of Fortnite is that, on an island where every player is trying to hunt one another down, it makes sense to stop and dance for a while."

As society becomes more gamified, games like Fortnite can become sources of noncompetitive solace


Thanks for all the work @jana! Let me know if ICAN be of assistance 😀

So, Mastodon is like really big in Japan? There are quite a few Android apps in japanese and .jp is one of the more active instances

Hat jemand von euch schon mit dem micro:bit Erfahrungen gesammelt? microbit.org/

a spit of land
the point of oaks, the tooth of dog
a refuge down at the end of the world
the blessing of shrimp, protection of swamp
land no white man could hope to plant

From Return to the Yakne Chitto: Houma Migrations


So, was soll hier so gepostet werden ... und was nicht?


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