@everyone, how can I expand my circle in Mastodon? I need people to follow which post interesting content and are open for interaction. Otherwise my feed is horribly empty.

Wenn ich mir wieder mal die Scheisse in den Kommentarspalten antue (zum Beispiel tagesanzeiger.ch/ausland/naher) muss ich mir nachher immer ein bisschen Juse Ju zu Gemüte führen youtube.com/watch?v=HRB-VTFTD-

Now using Whalebird for Mastodon. Can recommend :) I have to admit that I experience the default Mastodon interface as a mess ...

"The lesson of Fortnite is that, on an island where every player is trying to hunt one another down, it makes sense to stop and dance for a while."

As society becomes more gamified, games like Fortnite can become sources of noncompetitive solace


Thanks for all the work @jana! Let me know if ICAN be of assistance 😀

So, Mastodon is like really big in Japan? There are quite a few Android apps in japanese and .jp is one of the more active instances

Hat jemand von euch schon mit dem micro:bit Erfahrungen gesammelt? microbit.org/

a spit of land
the point of oaks, the tooth of dog
a refuge down at the end of the world
the blessing of shrimp, protection of swamp
land no white man could hope to plant

From Return to the Yakne Chitto: Houma Migrations


So, was soll hier so gepostet werden ... und was nicht?


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